A marine navigator by passion and always driven by the lure of sail, I was committed to the sea from the heart, continuously looking for bringing new nautical luxury solutions & business growth on the table. I believe “nothing beats the joy of living & venturing by unknown running waters or catch the sail”. I examined my own challenges and success and have recognized from personal experiences the competitive business advantages in the marine world.

I titled the book as “The New Frontiers of the Nautical World”, because this book from the “New Frontier series “ reflects all relevant aspects, insights, contents and business solutions of the nautical occupation, whether the individual is a marine sailor, a nautical entrepreneur, a sailing enthusiast, a deck officer or an marine adventure junkie. The book is result from several official surveys of comprehensive nautical market research of marine technology, nautical tourism and worldwide maritime business.

My intention is to help nautical businesses and marine entrepreneurs grow their businesses by achieving growth at a faster track & determine tactical success & best business practices on waters.

About The Book

Subhakar Rao Surapaneni is the author of the book “The New Frontiers of Nautical World”. In this book, he along with his partner and co-author, Hema Malini has revealed unique nautical insights by introducing modern sailing trends, the beauty and appeal of luxury vessels, changing lifestyles & experiential business secrets that each nautical enthusiast or entrepreneur needs to know to go to the sea with confidence. The author recounts his own experiences in this book and presents a new vision that will change the way how conventional boating & recreational business was perceived on challenging waters.

Additionally, the book advocates marketing strategies that can turn this maritime initiative into multi-billion dollar business opportunities as well as in-demand career at the waterfront. This revolutionary book is a real treasure house of information for nautical business acumens who wants to practice its knowledge in the most lucrative way in this fast going industry.

Nautical eco-tourism is a subject of interest since ages but the lack of experiential possibilities in terms of leisure and recreation is a constraining factor to increase the share of total tourism traffic and generate potential nautical tourism revenues. The wonders of maritime world are penned in the light of exploration of experience through seafaring luxury vessels has been articulately captured in this book. This is a valuable source of information & an interesting selection for business acumens who envisage sailing, navigation and nautical adventures off the charts.

The book entails incredible insights of new trends, concepts, challenges & advanced nautical business knowledge assimilated through extensive market research that can significantly improve nautical tourism. Today, eco-tourism is the next flourishing business due of the fact that it beckons marine enthusiasts to ecotourism destinations from far and beyond. It’s just the potential idea that counts to bring the sales potential as well as trends to the forefront. This exactly is the focus laid down by the nautical enterpriser in this book with the objective to help new age entrepreneurs develop their business potential within the marine industry. The book seeks to rationalize spatial nautical planning aimed at tourists to make cruising and sailing more attractive and pleasurable.

Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Subhakar Rao Surapaneni is one of the Top 100 global sales and marketing leaders and a pioneer in the marketing outsourcing field.

He is a mentor to many successful corporates and thousands of marketing leaders and champions. He has been supporting growth of thousands of companies globally in over 108 countries. He pioneered a wide range of innovative digital marketing technologies and techniques not used by most of the companies before.

Subhakar Rao has made billions of dollars for companies and is actively involved with global clients, innovating with new ideas ensuring serious double digit percent growth year on year.

He is the Chairman and Chief Coach of Champions group that has forays into multiple sectors like marketing outsourcing, advertising, yacht clubs, real estate, luxury resorts, data and much more. Subhakar Rao today is considered to be the guru of new age digital multi-channel marketing techniques.

As Chairman of Champions Group, Subhakar Rao works to maximizing revenue for global clients enabling multi-channel fast growth strategies. His team determines the strategy and placement of advertisements, direct mail campaigns, email campaigns and global sales programs with clients worldwide. Today Champions Group is a Multi­ national Global Conglomerate with numerous growing global enterprises in the portfolio of the group.

To see a few of the new age companies in the group, please check out:

Hema Malini

Hema Malini is the Managing Director of Champions Yacht Club & Champion Marketing Ventures, with stints in USA, UK, Paris, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

She possesses diverse work profiles and business experiences in numerous fields for over couple of decades. Apart from Nautical Tourism Business and Waterfront establishments, she is a Designer at heart and a Computer Engineer by education (Studied Computer Science at BLDEA College of Engineering and Technology).

She is the brain head behind Champions Yacht club Fractional ownership rollout. Her remarkable foresights and innovative ideas induced positive changes in ethical business practices that are worthy of highest accolade. She is also a Marketing and Fashion apparel entrepreneur and online business expert with online brands like Fasheo and Aaboli. Newest in the lineup on the fashion front is “Urban Champ” that includes various nautical designs as well.

Her successful forays in the past couple of years with a boisterous nautical luxury solutions brand and fashion apparel makes her a unique business woman that gets the business mix right. She curates designer yachts and designer outfits that strike perfect balance of comfort and style.

She has worked cohesively with yacht designers, interior and fashion designers, and highly skilled craftsmen on classic silhouettes and edgy runway trends. She is involved in day to day operations of all elements related to nautical project, craft designs which is also her passion and it comes naturally to her.

She led the company from its foundation to a brand to reckon within the last decade with consistent revenue growth year on year.

Authors' Preface

“He who occupies business on deep blue waters exploring experiences beyond horizons; is a master mariner entrepreneur to design “happiness” in experiential waterfront business…”

- Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

The enthralling story of sea has always charmed me and gave a clear call to this 25 year old techie by profession. It was then when the entrepreneurial spirit inside urged me to stay out of sight of land and launch my waterfront business.

My fascination with the nautical world actually started from a beautiful waterfront office with a magical view that we started in Sausalito, California. Right out of my top floor office window, we had a mesmerising view of the various boats cruising with the majestic Golden Gate Bridge in the backdrop. This was one of the finest office blocks on Marinship way with its own waterfront harbour next door- the Marina Harbour Plaza. We could literally see Larry Ellison and his Oracle BMW Racing team cruise by to win the Sausalito Regatta from our balcony.

My love for boats started thanks largely to one of my VPs in California, Gary who was a veteran in his mid-50's but was a real time sailing enthusiast. This is where I got started with my initial forays into sailing.

I started seeing how mutually rewarding and invigorating Nautical Tourism can be as you get to thrive in the happiness of your customers. You get to stay tall with customers claiming their happiest moments ever. Soon, we setup a full-fledged office in the main business district in Goa and immediately launched multiple yacht cruises locally and new age water sports. From there, there was no stopping as we realized we were one of the few professional firms operating on the nautical waterfront in India which was at a nascent stage in this multi-billion dollar industry full of 'happiness'.

“Unforgettable memories designed by exceptional vacation experiences are the gifts of world-class nautical & waterfront venues. The marine industry is exactly where the opportunity docks”.

- Hema Malini

Today, tourism and leisure business is the world’s largest and fastest-growing economic sector with more than 80 bases worldwide. Globally, tourism and related economic activities generate over 10% of Global Domestic Product, employing over 200 million people, and transport nearly 700 million international travelers per year. These figures are expected to double by 2020, especially in some of the world’s developing countries like India.

Nautical waterfront areas include transitional areas between the land and sea characterized by a very high bio-diversity and they include some of the richest and ecosystems on earth, like mangroves, palm-line shores and coral reefs. At the same time, the demand for coastal areas ranks higher as the marine population is potentially towering due to rapid urbanization processes. More than half of today’s world population lives in nautical areas (within 60 km from the sea) and this number is on the rise. Conducting nautical business of capturing unparalleled waterfront experience is a delightful tactic to leverage this opportunity as a sole proprietorship, partnership, fractional ownership, Corporation or a limited liability company.

The Big Picture
To foster nautical waterfront development, this is an endeavor that combines the best aspects of passion, leisure, play & employment within the nautical industry. Unlike any other business, nautical tourism business represents a lifestyle that opens up a business opportunity like no other.

"Nautical Tourism is one of the Largest and Fastest Growing economic sectors in the world. This is a Multi Billion Dollar Industry whose scope and potential is growing rapidly."

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